Non-traditional Ways to Improve the Elderly’s Quality of Life

Whether we’re aware of it or not, pets help people constantly. There’s something about seeing their excited faces through the window that brightens up even the darkest days. In fact, it is almost as if their positive energy is contagious!

The question is: In what other ways are pets helpful?

Studies show that our furry friends can actually improve the health of their owners in more ways than one. Just like medical supplies for the elderly, pets can be crucial to improving a senior’s well-being.

It is important to talk to your doctor or healthcare professional to see if having a pet is safe for you or your elder. Also, it is crucial to find the right pet for you. If you or your aging senior are not extremely active, getting the type of dog that demands lots of walking or outdoors time would not be beneficial to your health, or the animal’s. Just like other medical supplies for the elderly, the proper precautions must be taken to ensure the senior’s safety and the pet’s safety.

Nonetheless, here are some of the numerous health benefits that come along with a furry companion:

Reduced Stress

Pet owners have shown that they have lower blood pressure and heart rates when faced with challenging situations, thanks to having their pets around. A study done by the State University of New York discovered that with a group of 48 people, those who were taking medication for hypertension had their blood pressure cut in half after obtaining a pet.

Mental Health Benefits

According to Dr. Katharine Hillestad with the office of Doctors Foster and Smith, if an elder is suffering from cognitive impairment, “A new pet can stimulate someone to read up on an animal or breed, which can be very mentally stimulating and important at that age.”

Improved Activism

Pets practically force their owners to remain active while they care for them. From cleaning a litter box to walking the dog, this helps seniors fighting obesity by boosting their activity levels. A study by the University of Minnesota shows that those who own pets have lower blood pressure and cholesterol than those who do not own pets. Seniors with heart complications have reduced risk of heart disease if they are pet owners.

Keeping Minds at Ease

Pets are wonderful for seniors who are worrying about the future or dwelling on past events because they help the senior focus on current events. New Jersey Psychotherapist Dr. Jay P. Granat says, “Dogs—and other pets—live very much in the here and now. They don’t worry about tomorrow. And tomorrow can be very scary for an older person. By having an animal with that sense of now, it tends to rub off on people.”

When talking about the health and well-being of aging seniors, it is not underselling to say that it should not be handled lightly. They deserve the best. Their happiness, health, and safety are crucial. Expanding the range of senior care products that are used to treat the elderly, like getting the right pet for your aging relative, can very well make all the difference.

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