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Bathroom Medical Supplies

At Our Care Supplies we provide all of the home care products to keep your bathroom safe and stylish. From non-skid shower mats to hookless shower curtains, we provide a wide variety of bathroom medical supplies. Find the items you need today by scrolling below.

Bath Mat

• White, non-skid, 21×34″
• White Commercial Safety Grip Bath Mat with Rubbermaid backing, 14×22.5″
• Slip-resistant, 17×24″, available in a variety of colors

Shower Mat

• Non-skid, ADA compliant
• Specially sized to fit showers
• Available in clear or embossed white vinyl, 24×24″ with 6″ drain hole and PSA-Adhesive back OR white rubber, 22″ diameter with drain hole and suction cups

Hookless®Shower Curtains

• Mystery Polyester, 71×74″ in sage green
• Englewood Polyester, 71×74″ in beige or white

Shower Curtains

• Super strip nylon or polyester styles
• Can stand alone or with a liner product for premium clinical care
• Available with plastic open-end hooks, chrome metal pin style hooks, or stainless steel 4-ball hooks

Hand Towels

• 86% cotton/14% polyester
• Ring spun 100% cotton, 12/1 Terry Pile
• Loops for superior softness, and woven on Sulzer Looms
• Classic Cam Border
• Superior fast selvedges for enhanced strength
• Spectrophotometer-controlled shade consistency
• Available in 12×12″, 13×13″, 16×27″, 16×28″, 16×30″, 20×40″, 22×44″, 24×48″, and 25×50″

Microwipe Microfiber Cleaning Towel

• Green microfiber cloth, perfect for dusting, polishing and scrubbing
• Collects fine dust through a static charge
• Offers maximum absorbency and durability
• Withstands repeated washing and tough cleaning applications in clinical care

Absorbent Towels

• 100% long staple cotton maximizes absorbency and durability
• Tightly woven, and hemmed on all four sides

Pool Towels

• Cabana & center stripe lounge pool towels
• 100% cotton and 16s ring spun yarn
• Blue and white striped
• 30×60″