As a caregiver, you want all the information and support you can get, and there are few better places to receive these things than a caregiving conference. There are several caregiving conferences in the U.S. every year; at these conferences, caregivers can learn about topics such as caregiving, aging, disability issues, and health care reform. They also give caregivers a chance to network with each other.

The National Alliance for Caregiving has an annual conference; last year it was hosted at the Aging in America Conference in Washington D.C. has a conference called the Fearless Caregiver Conference that travels to different cities. Aging Services Collaborative (ASC) hosts the annual Caregivers Count conference, as well. And for those who can’t make it to a conference in person, there are some webinars through organizations such as the National Parkinson’s Foundation and the American Society on Aging.

Read on to learn more about caregiving conferences.

National Alliance for Caregiving

In March 2016, The National Alliance for Caregiving held a conference that featured talks by nationally-recognized experts on caregiving, health care reform, health technologies, and aging and disability issues. Over 175 caregiving advocates attended the conference, including representatives from the National Network of Caregiving Coalitions, an online network of more than 80 state and local caregiving coalitions across the U.S.

The Alliance will have a conference in 2017, as well.

Fearless Caregiver Conference

At the Fearless Caregiver Conference, participants can learn how to access valuable resources and listen to presentations by caregiving experts. The conference travels to different cities around the country.

Caregivers Count Conference

This is a free conference aimed at families and friends caring for an aging loved one. The last conference was held in April 2016; it was attended by over 120 caregivers and seniors. The conference featured a resource fair which connected caregivers with community organizations. There were also speakers and workshops that focused on wellness, nutrition, self-care, and dementia communication.


If you can’t make it to a conference, there are many webinars online that you can join. hosts monthly webinars on topics such as forgiving yourself, creating a good caregiving team, and mindfulness-based dementia care. The site also offers webinars for professionals who work with family caregivers.

The National Parkinson Foundation offers an archive of past webinars on their site; these cover topics such as the future of neuroimaging in Parkinson’s, caring for someone with Parkinson’s, and fall prevention.

Additionally, the American Society on Aging features the Family Caregiver Support Webinar series, a free series of twelve web seminars that address important caregiving issues. Each of the webinars are available for viewing up to 60 days after the live presentation. Pre-registration is required.

For caregivers, conferences are a great way to build your knowledge, expand your caregiving resources, and connect with other caregivers. If you can’t make it to the National Alliance for Caregiving, Fearless Caregiver, and Caregivers Count conferences, consider attending a webinar online, such as those offered through, The National Parkinson Foundation, and the American Society on Aging.