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Holiday Activities to Do with Family Members in Nursing Homes

Spending Time with Your Aging Family Member The holidays are always an exciting time of year. There’s shopping, watching movies, drinking your favorite seasonal beverage, and visiting with family. Spending time with a family member after being apart for a long time is so refreshing and comforting. When it comes to loved ones in nursing [...]

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Why is Nourishing Yourself after Age 60 so Hard?

Most people get a good amount of the essential vitamins humans need in order to survive from the foods we eat and/or supplements from a hospital supply store; these include vitamins A, C, D, E, K, choline, and B complex – along with 15 minerals. Fruits, proteins, vegetables, healthy oils, whole grains, and dairy provide [...]

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The Future of Technology in Senior Care

While it’s our responsibility to care for aging loved ones as they grow older, it hasn’t ever been considered an especially easy task. Thankfully, advancements in technology over the past couple of decades have not left senior care behind; in fact, there is a lot of new tech that has been designed specifically to make [...]

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In Addition to Medical Supplies for the Elderly, could a Pet Help Your Aging Loved One?

Non-traditional Ways to Improve the Elderly’s Quality of Life Whether we’re aware of it or not, pets help people constantly. There’s something about seeing their excited faces through the window that brightens up even the darkest days. In fact, it is almost as if their positive energy is contagious! The question is: In what other [...]

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Aging with Dignity: From Nursing Home Supplies to Daily Visits

Dignity and Independence Go Hand in Hand Aging with dignity is considered a right that many seniors today feel they are denied. This could be because of a variety of reasons, like inadequate healthcare, the rising cost of living, or the quickly growing aging population. Regardless of the causes, it is important to understand what [...]

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From Alzheimer’s to Medical Supplies for the Elderly

5 Common Questions About Aging We Hear Among Seniors When it comes to elderly health care, it’s common that everyone from family members and caregivers to seniors themselves have many questions. Whether it involves what medical supplies for the elderly are appropriate for certain situations or questions regarding potential health concerns, we’ve heard them. Here [...]

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Better than a Personal Alarm Device: New Technology that’s Making Life Easier for Aging Adults

As the elderly population continues to grow, and as elderly family members live longer, healthier lives, it can become increasingly difficult for everyone who cares for them to monitor their day-to-day activity and health. Many of us have our own families, careers, and educational obligations that can hinder our availability to give our elderly loved [...]

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9 Life Hacks to Make Life More Enjoyable As You Age

Simple Ways to Make the Most of Life as a Senior Getting older isn’t always easy. But you don’t have to settle for less just because you’re of a certain age. You can still life to the fullest as a senior. Use these life hacks to make life more enjoyable again. Keep Things Close By [...]

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Top 4 Long-Term Care Insurance Companies

Finding the Best Policy for Long-Term Care As we age, many of us will need what’s known as long-term care due to a lack of mobility or chronic illness. This includes having someone around to help with routine activities like dressing, bathing, eating, errands, housework, and managing medications. But your health insurance policy, including Medicare, [...]

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