Why Aquaphor Is Perfect for Elderly Care

Taking care of an elderly loved one can be challenging, especially if your loved one is in pain or uncomfortable. One of the pains of getting older is suffering from what’s known as pruritic dermatoses, a skin condition with intense itching, dryness, and irritation. This condition is brought on by a number of different ailments and tends to be more frequent in elderly individuals, as the epidermal barrier of their skin diminishes over time.

That’s where Aquaphor can come in handy. This is one of the leading elderly care products on the market and it’s sure to help your loved one find relief from dry, irritable skin. It’s also great for protecting the skin from the drying effects of winter and cold air. They can sit back and relax without feeling uncomfortable in their own skin. Learn more about the benefits of Aquaphor for the elderly.


Great for Cuts and Open Wounds

You never know when something might happen to your elderly loved one. One wrong move or a simple gesture can lead to a nasty cut or scrape. Elderly people tend to be more susceptible to cuts and falls and it usually takes longer for these wounds to heal properly. But Aquaphor and other home health care products can help your loved one’s wounds heal faster.

This soothing skin care product will protect the wound from infection and give the skin the nutrients it needs to heal. You don’t have to worry about your loved one moving around with an open wound. Just apply some Aquaphor to the infected area a couple of times a day and it should clear up in no time.


Completely Waterproof

Like Purell, Aquaphor is also completely waterproof, so your loved one can go about their daily routine without washing off this protective ointment. Whether you’re using Aquaphor for dry, itchy, cracked skin or treating an open wound, the product will stay on your loved one’s skin as long as possible.

If your loved one needs to take a shower or do the dishes, they can do as they please without having to reapply more ointment. This helps you make the most of your Aquaphor and keep your loved ones happy and healthy.


Made with Powerful Ingredients

No one wants to deal with dry, itchy, irritable skin. It makes the person feel like they can’t sit still as they try to scratch their skin, which will only make their condition worse. But unlike hand sanitizer and other skin care products, Aquaphor is made with soothing ingredients like panthenol for faster healing and glycerin for more moisture, so your loved one will feel as comfortable as possible in their own skin.


Perfect for dry, itchy, irritable skin, including the hands, feet, face, and lips, Aquaphor is just what you need to care for your elderly loved one. Old age doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Help your loved one feel their best and order some Aquaphor today.