Spending Time with Your Aging Family Member

The holidays are always an exciting time of year. There’s shopping, watching movies, drinking your favorite seasonal beverage, and visiting with family. Spending time with a family member after being apart for a long time is so refreshing and comforting. When it comes to loved ones in nursing homes, it may seem like it will be difficult to find a way to spend the time you want with them. However, there are several things you can do that will not only allow you time with your aging loved one, but also will be an enjoyable time for them. Here are some activities you can do with your family member in a nursing home around the holidays.

Eat a Meal or Snack Together

You don’t have to go to a big elaborate restaurant in order to enjoy a nice meal with your elder. Be it at their community dining room or a small picnic outdoors, sharing a meal with your older adult will give you both the companionship and quality time together that you want. There is no better time than the holidays to treat your loved one to both a visit from you and a nice meal.

Take Them on Short Outings

Sometimes the best way to do something with a relative is to take them out of the facility for a nice “adventure”. This by no means has to be some long outing far away – anywhere in town is usually more than exciting, as long as the person is spending time with loved ones. Whether they want to go to the salon, a religious service, or even a shopping center, you can easily cheer your loved one up by venturing out with them.

Bring a Furry Friend

There is something soothing and about being with a cat or a dog. If you’re planning a visit to see your family member and their facility allows it, bringing your pet could brighten your aging senior’s day by not only seeing you, but your adorable furry companion. Pets have numerous health benefits that could prove to better your loved one’s physical and emotional health. Besides, who doesn’t love playing with a pet during the holidays?

Watch Some TV

The television is something that has been bringing people together for a number of years. If your relative does not feel like going out or if they don’t seem to be particularly hungry, you could always suggest watching a movie or a TV show with them. It could be one of their favorites or one of yours. If they are feeling up to it, you could take them out to see a movie and enjoy some famous movie theater popcorn!

There are plenty of different things you can do to spend time with family members in nursing homes this holiday season. From taking them out for the day or bringing a pet along when you go visit, there is always something you can do this holiday season with your aging loved one.


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