When you become responsible for taking care of the elderly, you have to learn a whole new set of vocabulary. At the very least, you will have to acquire a long list of home health care supplies to ensure that they are both comfortable and safe.

At the heart of every person taking care of an aging senior, is their desire to maintain their independence. Aging in place is the answer for those seniors who are still maintaining their abilities for a longer period of time. However, what happens to them when their health starts to decline, and they need a little more help?

It may start out with needing a little help with their day to day activities, taking their medication, doing their shopping, laundry, etc. In situations such as these, they may need someone to watch over them 24/7. Often the elderly will attempt these things only to end up in accidents or find themselves in hazardous situations. However, many seniors are often reluctant to give away their freedom so easily.

One way to bridge this divide is by using the new telecare system, a new technology that will allow more elderly to be able to have their independence but still get the kind of monitoring they need. This is a real-time monitoring system with two-way communication. It uses Broadband wireless technology to link the person to a central monitoring center.

It is primarily designed for those seniors that still have their cognitive and intellectual abilities intact. When help is needed, a message is sent to a Tele-Caregiver who can often manage the situation from a remote response center. If not, they will contact the seniors on-call caretaker or a designated family member and alert them of the situation. Any event that requires on-site assistance will automatically be directed to the right person, relieving the elderly of having to recall phone numbers, addresses, or even getting emergency services when they are needed.

The senior simply wears the remote around their neck like a pendant. With a simple touch of the button, they can summon help whenever they need it. Or, in cases, where they may be in distress and cannot push the button, a personal alarm will go off and a call for outside help will be automatically on the way.

When it comes to home health care supplies, having a telecare mobility device should be one of the essentials. Aside from stair lifts, scooters, and chair lifts, which help to give the elderly that feeling that they are independent, it can also give you peace of mind in knowing that while you can’t be with them every second, someone is watching over them just as you would. This helpful technology has been specifically designed with the elderly in mind.

You will find Telecare systems designed for all sorts of things. Not only will they work in a medical emergency, but they can also be programmed to detect gas leaks, fires, to detect movement, and even to dispense medicine properly. If you’re looking for something that will improve the quality of life for the elderly and the disabled, then this is one of the most important of the home health care supplies you can find.