Medical care is an important aspect of American life, especially if you have any medical needs which must be met regularly. Therefore, having access to Medicare or Medicaid could be the difference between a comfortable life and a frustrating one. But what’s the difference between the two? At Our Care Supplies, we get plenty of questions about medical care and insurance programs, and while we don’t specialize in health insurance, this is what we often tell our clients.


Medicare vs. Medicaid

The biggest difference between these two programs is that one is a government assistant program and the other is an insurance program. With Medicaid, individuals and families are covered through a program which offers no-pay or low-pay options toward medical expenses. It is specifically designed for families with low-incomes who may not be able to afford medical care otherwise. Medicaid is a state program, which differs depending on the state in which you reside. Local governments often handle this program with a set guideline handed down through federal government.

Medicare, on the other hand, is available to older citizens, or those with disabilities. It requires a payment for part of your medical costs, while the rest is handled through a deductible. Medicare is a federally funded program used across the United States and requires monthly premiums to be met for use.


Who Can Apply

For Medicaid, under privileged families are of the utmost priority, but there are other factors to consider. If you are a teen, child, pregnant woman, or disabled in some way, and don’t meet the minimum to bring your salary above the poverty line in your state, you’re likely eligible. To determine eligibility, it’s best to contact a branch of the Medicaid system in your state or fill out an application.

For Medicare, as described above, most applicants are over the age of 65. Applicants won’t need to pay premiums if they receive social security benefits, or were government employed and part of a previous Medicare program. The Medicare website offers an eligibility tool, which you can use to determine your payment options and whether you can apply.

Other types of medical insurance are often provided by employers or private plans which are purchased at your convenience. Medicaid and Medicare are specialized plans which are eligible only to those who fit the requirements listed on each website. Having adequate medical coverage is important, as most medical care in America is offered by private hospitals and clinics. These healthcare providers depend on your insurance to get paid, which is why it’s important that all citizens have some form of coverage.


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