One of the most precarious challenges for the elderly and for their caregivers is the constant governmental changes in medical coverage. The governmental plan has been providing coverage for the elderly for more than five decades and has helped more people than any other insurance plan in the nation. Still, there are several changes coming up this year that everyone needs to know about, especially those who are the primary caretakers of those who rely on this type of health insurance.


Lifestyle Support

Historically, Medicare has been focused primarily on treatment of illnesses and other health issues, but starting this year (2019), it’s going to go a step further and offer valuable lifestyle support for many. This support can come in a wide range of ways including having meals delivered straight to the home, providing valuable transportation to the doctor’s office, and even installing lifesaving grab bars and wheelchair ramps to those who need it.

In-Home Help

For those who have the Medicare Advantage plan, they will be able to get additional assistance at home with a paid health aide that will make regular visits on them. This will go far beyond medical services and can include assistance with dressing, eating, and even personal care.

No More Therapy Cap

For years, there has been a cap on how much physical, speech, or occupational therapy you can receive. If your treatments needed more than the plan allowed, patients often had to foot the bill for the difference. However, now Congress has repealed the cap permanently, so with that barrier gone, there is no longer a roadblock for getting the services needed.

No More Donut Hole

In the past, a section of Medicare Part D covering prescription drug benefits required those with excessively high prescription costs to pay higher fees for medicine once they had reached a threshold of spending in a single year. This represented a significant hardship for many. Their out of pocket expenses could turn out to be financially catastrophic as a result. However, this donut hole gap is expected to be closed in 2019, making prescription coverage once again affordable for the elderly.

The future is quite promising for those with Medicare coverage. The insured now will be able to receive essential medical supplies for the elderly taking a great deal of pressure off of them and their caregivers as well.


Up until recently, the elderly tended to put off getting medical care simply because it was not affordable. The problem became even more of a challenge when they were in a nursing home. The good news is that under the Affordable Care Act, whether you’re getting medical supplies for in-home care or nursing home supplies for those who are disabled or otherwise unable to care for themselves, the revamping of Medicare is going to mean many changes for nearly everyone who falls under its umbrella. It pays for those who are receiving this care and those who are responsible for their well-being to become very familiar with the new Medicare for 2019 and what it means for them and their household.