Great news for everyone who has been searching for a fresh solution for incontinence odor control – has an exclusive deal to carry a patented, revolutionary underpad that uses advanced technology to not only control odors, but also to destroy them. CareFor™ Ultra Odor Control Underpads use odor-destroying technology that kills 99.9% of the bacteria and germs that cause odor; Just wash the underpad with chlorine bleach* before use to activate!

How Does It Work?

When the underpads are put in the wash, the fibers that are treated with HaloShield™ are able to “grab” chlorine molecules from the laundry water, anchoring those molecules to the fiber surfaces. As the HaloShield™ coating “collects” the chlorine, it collects enough to kill just about all the odor-causing bacteria on the pads within ten minutes once the underpad has been soiled.

The Many Benefits

These pads are reusable and eliminate the hassle and the embarrassment that come with incontinence. They are ideal for adding an extra layer of protection to chairs, bedding, the seats of cars, wheelchairs, and more. Here are some of the other benefits of using the CareFor™ Ultra Odor-Control underpads?

  • An economic and eco-friendly alternative to disposables
  • Advanced protection with effective odor control
  • Ultra-soft layers are made to not irritate skin, even sensitive skin
  • Protection is guaranteed not just by a moisture-wicking top layer, but also by an extra absorbent inner layer, too
  • Powered by HaloShield™ coating

You won’t be able to find these underpads on any other retailer’s website. We have an exclusive deal with the manufacturer for the CareFor™ Ultra Odor Control Underpads with HaloShield™. Make your purchase with Our Care Supplies today.

*EPA-Registered Chlorine